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Ice Lady is a special combination between Afghan, Nothern Light, Skunk and Shiva. It is a perfect commercial strain with a large yield, strong scent and an average to high THC quality. The buds are completely covered with crystals, and this is one of Zambeza Seeds favorite strains.

Ice Lady has the strong property to keep both quality and quantity high. The yield and quality are very good to say the least. Especially on hydro the results can be extremely good.

This strain has a lot of buds and in proportion little leaves.

Ice Lady is mainly an Indica strain and the plants can get 50 cm high indoors. With this strain you can get very good results indoors and outdoors.

THC: Average High
Genetics: Afghani x Northern Light x Skunk x Shiva
Yield: 35-45 grams per plant
Height: 50-60 cm
Effect: Physical
CBD: Average High
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

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