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From Blueberry and White Widow comes the fantastic Fruit Juice, so named for the blend of taste from White Widow and the scent of the blueberry which, together with the pale purple colour of the compact buds makes for a powerful combination.
Fruit Juice is an F1 hybrid with the plant growing taller than the parent White Widow and displaying greater distances between the internodes. In fact if the plant is grown outside a height in excess of three metres can be achieved as Fruit Juice copes very well with a variation in climate and is resistant to stress.
If grown inside ensure there is adequate ventilation and low humidity as the buds can be subject to mould if not kept in optimum conditions and whether grown inside or out in the last two weeks of growing give the plant plenty of attention.

Yield: 30-40 grams per plant
Height: 50-60 cm
Effect: High
CBD: Extremely high
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
THC: Extremely High
Genetics: White Widow x Blueberry (Mainly Indica)

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