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As its name suggests, this variety has its origins in the city of New York. The NY Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid variety (60% Sativa and 40% Indica) with very many varieties combined with the initial mixture. The short version of this strains lineage is a cross of the popular Sour Diesel with Afghan and Hawaiian Indicas. The plant produces crystal buds coated with a relatively low density. It has a fruity smell and a sweet taste. The NY Diesel will give full effect to rush feeling cerebral sativa combined with a gentle buzz. NY Diesel can be made ‰Û?ÛÜto grow it in giant totally outside, but we recommend being grown indoors for a better yield per square meter. Besides getting a better production, we consider the fact cultivate indoors NY Diesel flavor improves with respect to outdoor growing. As for the medicinal use of NY Diesel, this variety is mainly used for the treatment of chronic pain and nausea, but yet not too known for its therapeutic properties.

Origin of the variety: Sour Diesel mixed with Afghan and Hawaiian Indicas
Genetic Variety: Mostly Sativa, Sativa hybrid stable (60%) Indica (40%)
THC level: 15-20%
Average Height: over 300 cm
Average production: + / - 500 gr/m2
Flowering Time: + / - 10 weeks
Harvest: mid October

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