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Best ganja ever! The one with the most awards plus one. Jack Herer is not only the most popular for cannabis people but has also been distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a medicinal-grade cannabis.
The history though well known is worth repeating. Named after Jack Herer, author of ‰ۡÌÝÌáThe Emperor Wears No Clothes‰ۡó» and a cannabis activist who believes that the world can be saved by hemp!
A really powerful high and body buzz for smokers who will feel as though they have experienced an earthquake whilst soaring in the clouds! A true Sativa high.
The resin is produced in barrow loads thanks to the Indica influence and at their optimum the buds are so densely covered in clear trichomes that they look like sugar frosties. And it doesn‰ۡó»t stop there for the leaves, both fan and spear, and the stalks are covered as well.
Plants grown from this seed are varied because of the complex background and sensitive balance right at the cusp of Sativa and Indica and the assortment of plants produced will allow for a grower to select mother plants bearing the traits that they are after.
Three phenotypes are Sativa and the fourth is Indica indicated with a typical Indica growth pattern - fast-flowering, smallish and heavy round buds. The cash-croppers choice. From the Sativa Jack Herer gets they quality of high production with a good per-metre or per-plant yield when grown by those more experienced.

Flowering: 50-70 days
Height: 150-180 cm
Yield: up to 125 gr

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