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One big bang, high velocity collision between the enormously popular ̴Ì_Critical Mass x Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush has resulted in a strain that is bound to leave a legacy of cosmic proportions in the "high" society and cannabis cultivation culture! ̴Ì_

Vision Seeds "Critical Impact" is heading for earth, ready to plunge herself into earth's fertile soils and re-emerge in an explosion of branchy green with dense, rock solid crystal covered buds!

"Critical Impact" is with her approx. ̴Ì_8 week flowering period and enormous yields our fastest and best producing strain for indoor as well as outdoor growing. The speed at which she manages to get ̴Ì_from seed to full grown lady makes her a perfect choice for outdoors in short summer / colder climate regions.

̴Ì_"Critical Impact" is a seriously fragrant girl, something you must consider when choosing your grow set-up, certainly when she is grown indoors she'll require good ventilation and high quality carbon filters throughout the whole cultivation, harvesting and drying process. ̴Ì_

The effort will pay off because there is no doubt "Critical Impact" will leave you with a high yield of fruity flavoured, high THC content bud which is smooth to smoke and leaves a pleasant after taste.̴Ì_

We at Vision Seeds wish you an amazing grow experience, something that will certainly be the case with our new "Critical Impact" - Enjoy the grow and the blow!


Medicinal value: Moderate

Medical use: Helps with Anxiety, Migraines and PMS

Effect: Euphoric, uplifting and inspires creativity.

Lineage: Critical Mass x Skunk #1 x Hindu Kush

Genetics: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa

Location: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse

From seed to crop: ̴å± 75 Days (̴å± 11 Weeks)

Flowering (indoor): ̴å± 58 Days (̴å± 8 weeks)

Outdoor (harvest): Early October

THC: High (18%)

CBD: Medium

Yield (gr/m2): Very High (550/1200)

Stature (cm): Bushy, Medium - Tall (70+/250)

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