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Amnesia Haze Auto


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I think it is safe to say that the original Amnesia is one of the most successful Sativa dominant cannabis strains ever to be developed and I have no doubt Vision Seeds "Amnesia Haze Auto" will follow in big sister's footsteps within no time.̴Ì_

Although her name might suggest otherwise; The Vision Seeds "Amnesia Haze Auto" is one of those beauties you undoubtedly will never forget once you've met her. ̴Ì_Her potency, her vibrant effect, stunning appearance and her ability to produce high yields compared to other auto-flowering strains will surely not be forgotten easily.̴Ì_

This well balanced beauty, though smaller then her big sister, has all the same fabulous traits, the same sweet sativa taste, generous resin production and stunning flower yields from the original Amnesia are superbly preserved in our "Amnesia Haze" auto.

All Vision Seeds auto-flowers do very well indoors. In a soil, coco or hydroponics ̴Ì_setup "Amnesia Haze" auto will outperform most other auto-flower variants. Besides that she has a reputation of doing very well outdoor as well, a milder climate (Mediterranean) would be perfect but during a nice summer in a less fortunate climate she will also do good.̴Ì_

Vision Seeds wishes you an amazing grow experience - Enjoy our "Amnesia Haze" auto in all her glory and even though it might be hard with a strain like Amnesia Haze but don't forget to drop by in due time to share your experience with the rest of the world!

Medical value: High

Medical use: Stress relief and anti depression.

Effect: Euphoric, happy and uplifting.

Lineage: Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis̴Ì_

Genetics: Sativa (50%) - Indica (50%)̴Ì_

Location: Indoor / Greenhouse / Outdoor̴Ì_

Flowering (indoor): ̴å± 58 Days (̴å± 8 weeks)

From seed to crop: ̴å± 76 Days (̴å± 11 weeks)

Outdoor (harvest): n/a

THC: High (18%)

CBD: Medium/High

Yield (gr/plant) : 65 -> 85 (̴å± 210 gr/m2)

Stature (cm): Balanced beauty, Medium Height (̴å± 80)

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