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Bisho Purple

Bisho Purple


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Quick growth with generally wide and serrated leafs. Once in flowering period different phenotypes can be found including green,soft purple and intense purple plants. Following this order, in the first case plants usually have green-acid apple joined to woody-spicy-incense scents. Together with purple colours in buds you can find more fruity, grape and red fruits scents. Generally all these scents are very intense and it is one of the easiest to identify in the room. Potency is high in this strain. Effect can vary from the most active ones (usually in the green phenotypes), to those more calmy ones usually linked to the purple phenotypes. Effect is longlasting.

Genetics: Ciskei P3 x Pakistan Chitral Kush F1

Yield: Medium - High

Flowering Time: 58 - 62 days

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