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Super Auto Tao was awarded 1st place on the Soft Secrets Cannabis cup 2013 outdoor category and 2nd place on the Konoptikum Outdoor Cannabis Cup 2012. Super Auto Tao is one of the so-called "Super Automatics" also known as the "Max Auto".

This variety has two genotypes namely higher sativa and lower robust Indica. It grows to a height of about two meters and matures around the fourth months after germination.

Especially suitable for outdoor cultivation.

In conventional planting in the spring, you reap in August, free from mould, with a high resin content due to the strong summer sun. You can plant up to the middle of June!í«ÌÎ_

It provides a real income!

Genetics: Early Tao x Ruderalis

Height: 2 - 2.5m

Cannabinoid: medium and more

Harvest: 4 months after germination

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