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Early Top Tao has twice succeeded in competitions of Cannabis Cup in the outdoor category. After many years of selection of the fastest maturing plants, the fixed strain Top Tao labelled "Early" - early ripening.

It is a plant extremely resistant to mould, pests, disease and the cold autumn of the Central European climate. It produces an amazing number of branches when you cut the central bud.

The stem and branches are very strong and resistant to wind storms! Huge leaves create a large surface for the absorption of sunlight.

This plant will certainly mature in the gardens of Central and Northern Europe.

The incredible amount of resin and the fruit and flower fragrance cause energizing, sometimes psychedelic high.̴Ì_

Genetics: Early Tao x Old School Bohemia

Height: 2-2.5m

Genetics: Indica / Sativa

Cannabinoid: medium and more

Harvest: August / September

Flowering time indoor: 6-7 weeks

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