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Probably the most euphoric charas strain RSC has found anywhere, this strain was found deep in the High Himalaya of Kumaon, close to the borders of Tibet and Nepal. This is the strongest charas plant RSC has found yet in Kumaon, and probably the best too, with intense lemony, spicy aromas and a soaring euphoric high.

Kumaon was part of Nepal until 100 years ago, and shares the same Himalayan charas traditions. In the high valley from which this Kumaoni strain comes villagers rub soft "cream" charas for their own use, as well as rougher, quicker sticks.

Highly recommended to collectors seeking a rare and totally authentic Himalayan charas plant. Seeds are big, fully cultivated and so, where legal, are very easy to germinate. This strain can withstand the intense rain and humidity of the Himalayan monsoon, as well as the bitter cold of autumn nights at up to 3500m, so is well suited to adapting to outdoor use in northern climates.

The Nanda Devi and Pahari Farmhouse varieties previously released by RSC comes from a neighbouring valley to this Kumaoni. While the Nanda Devi was typically mango-scented, this Kumaoni strain is typically intense citrus. The combination of citrus terpenoids such as limonene with the likelihood of a good % of CBD in many plants gives this strain great medical potential. It is also recommended to people who find that cannabis helps with depression.

Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Plant
Regional Harvest: Mid-October to early November
Height: 3m - 4m
Yield: 1 - 2kg outdoors
Aroma: Strong citrus, floral, hash
Characteristics: Soaring high, intense vigour, great mold resistance, good CBD and medical potential

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