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Hybrid Blood Wreck x Vortex

My oldest head stash crossed with my newí«ÌÎ_favourite, both parents have a similar pungent, rotten fruit, baby poo smell. Both carry heavy potency and copious amounts of resin. The resulting hybrid crossí«ÌÎ_fulfilsí«ÌÎ_my desire to have Apollo-13 in seed form even before we continue with the cubing. Sharing traits of both mom and dad with some females leaning towards Apollo. Myí«ÌÎ_favouriteí«ÌÎ_female is a sweet and sour girl that to me tasted like Sour Patch candy but I yielded close to 4 ounces with minimum training. She is easier to grow and trim than mom.

Phenotypes:í«ÌÎ_Equal mix of both parents has been passed along
Height:í«ÌÎ_Tall with a medium stretch at onset of 12/12
Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
Best way to grow:í«ÌÎ_Topped early and trained into at least 4 growing tops
Harvest:í«ÌÎ_8-9 weeks
Hybrid:í«ÌÎ_TGA Blood Wreck x Apollo-13 x Space Queen
High Type:í«ÌÎ_Strong, intense and very powerful, can cause confusion and paranoia
Taste:í«ÌÎ_Lemon, lime, sandalwood, pear, or kiwi with an undertone of sour fruit

Comments: The results from the first 10 test growers indicate potency on a whole new level. Growers of Chernobyl have reported that Time Wreck is even more hard hitting with similar taste. The strong Train Wreck taste is sweetened by the citrus fruit taste of the Vortex male and the resin heads appear larger. Hash produced from these heads burns clean and is 100% full melt.

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