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Cotton Candy Kush x Space Queen

"Space Candy, a breeders milestone and a genetic game-changer, it's a sativa dominant hybrid crossed between Cotton Candy Kush and Space Queen. The medicinal effect, physical appearance, aroma and flavor of this strain will have it at the top of every growers list! This strain packs an incredible pungent, sour pine smell with hints of sweet fruity citrus.

The physical appearance proves to be one of this strains great assets. Sprinkled with shades of violet purple and reds, the crystallized frosty nugs suggest snow capped pine trees and resin heads are clearly visible on the edges of her fan leaves. Unlike other strains, she retains her beautiful color through the curing process producing rainbow colored dried buds. The unique earthy flavor of this strain is a mix of sweet and fruity, resembling candied apples. Hints of citrus and floral can also be found lingering on one's pallet as well.

This strains is recommended for anxiety and pain management and is an outstanding daytime smoke. It will not only bring out your creative side but keep you “up and running” due to the energetic quality of the strain with is very uplifting with minimal couch lock. 

Height: Medium stretch
Yield: Medium
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor.
Harvest: 55-65 days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Cotton Candy Kush x Space Queen
High Type: Very calming yet not quite a full indica it allows Productive days while controlling anxiety
Taste/Aroma: Citris, Cherries, Fresh Flowers, Apples and fruity

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