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Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen

The Querkle is a pre-dominant Indica hybrid which tastes great. From a 5-plant test carried out, all 4 females tested changed into a pleasant shade of purple with warm temps throughout. We aimed to replicate the pleasant grape taste and also hasten the sluggish Urkle mother. We obtained results that surpassed our expectations and found two keeper mother plants from our small test run. The results confirm a minor disparity, decent yields and fantastic flavour and colours. The best way to grow Querkle is vegged to a large bush or untopped in ScrOG.

The seeds flower in about 8 weeks and produce a yield thatÌÎÌ__s medium to heavy, if an extension to veg time is given, mainly as a result of bud density. The type of high is indica head with a grape taste that makes for a total all day headstash.

Querkle is musty and has the fruity scent of grapes and berries. When smoked out of a clean bong, the flavour is just amazing and in our opinion better than the mother.

Querkle has been featured in both Skunk and High Times magazines.

Indica/Sativa: 90%/10%
Flowering Time: 58-65 days
Yield: Average
Resin Production: High
Smell/Taste: Grapes
Effect: Good yields and fantastic flavor and colors

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