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Raspberry Kush x Space Queen

Marionberry is a kush hybrid. Most phenotypes will grow as a typical short to medium kush, with a large broad leaf structure. Berries are the first thing that come to mind when describing the aroma of her. It is a true blend of a fruit salad aroma with a bit of musky funkiness that comes through, resembling her sister, Cinderella 99. The taste is smooth and fruity, with a clean, crisp, earthy exhale. Marionberry's high comes on quick, first feeling it behind the eyes, moving into the forehead. You can almost feel it tightening your eyebrows. Once the initial high has set in, it's a steady mild high great for day time activities with a true functional experience.

Phenotypes:í«ÌÎ_There are six main phenotypes. All have similar fruit smells, some heavier than others with a range from passionfruit, raspberry, and a romulan earth under tone. Almost every phenotype will have some variation of purple, pink, and light green with drips of sugars.

Height:í«ÌÎ_Short to Medium

Yield:í«ÌÎ_Medium to Heavy

Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor. This is a fast finisher and great for production with that frosty purple bag appeal everyone loves.í«ÌÎ_

Best way to grow:í«ÌÎ_Top once early on and make sure to support this plant to help with the heavy bud structure.

Harvest:í«ÌÎ_55-65 days


Hybrid:í«ÌÎ_Raspberry Kush x Space Queen

High Type:í«ÌÎ_Heavy high, yet with a clear head quality and a very mind numbing sensation. After smoking a few bowls it can have almost a psychedelic effect that is very beneficial in terms of releasing your thoughts and clearing your head space.

Taste/Aroma:í«ÌÎ_Phenotypes range from mango, passionfruit, to a raspberry lemonade and an earthy fruit smell. Very smooth, clear smoke with variations of berry after tastes to a musky kush sweetness.

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