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JackÌÎ_̴Ìös Cleaner x Jack The Ripper

JackÌÎ_̴Ìös Cleaner 2 is a backcross of the legendary mother plant Jacks Cleaner and is a favourite among collectors of extremely potent hybrids. The strain has none of the haze flavour of Jack the Ripper and is a much taller style Sativa plant with a racing buzz that seems to slice through just about any type of high and leave the toker vibrating with a smile on their face. JackÌÎ_̴Ìös Cleaner 2 can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and the best way to grow is topped and placed in bud early due to stretch. Cannabis seeds take between 8-10 weeks to flower. The yield is medium but consists of heavy trim work. The taste and smell is 100% lemons and the taste is a mouth full of citrus almost like a lemon head candy.

This strain was created for all those in search of a JackÌÎ_̴Ìös Cleaner cut for their own head stash but not in the right circles to acquire a cutting. JackÌÎ_̴Ìös Cleaner 2 is high is intense, trippy, visual, spacey, pain relief.

Indica/Sativa: 40%/60%
Flowering Time: 50-63 days
Yield: Good
Resin Production: Very High
Smell/Taste: Fuel, Fruit, Hazet
Effect: Lemon and ground coffee aroma

Soma Feminized Seeds give off a strong aroma and taste which would be pleasurable for many.

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