• Steve McGarretts Hair
Steve McGarretts Hair

Steve McGarretts Hair

Taylor'd Genetics

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Steve McGarretts Hair strain Named after the 70Ì_åÈs T.V. detective whose famous phrase book em DanoÌ_? was all the rage. This strain is a blend of Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian genetics that have lovingly been put together to create one of the most stable and reliable plants on the market. Each one of the parents has given the strain a perfect balance between a smooth body feeling and a very pleasant, long lasting high. Flowering time indoors is 8 - 9 weeks/Outdoor Late November (Northern Hemisphere), Mid May (Southern Hemisphere). Approx Yield: Indoor 400 - 700 gr/sqm / Outdoor 900 gr/plant. THC = 12% CBD = 0.7% CBN = 0.6%

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