• Sweet Trainwreck Automatic
Sweet Trainwreck Automatic

Sweet Trainwreck Automatic


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This is aåÊ4th generation autoflowering hybrid resulting from the crossing of several specially selected high class 3rd generation autofloweing strains, with Trainwreck, a very famous strain used in medical cannabis dispensaries in the United States. The result is a tall strain with predominantly sativa genetics with fast flowering and compact buds withåÊhigh trichome production.

It has anåÊintensely sweet aroma with fruity and citrusy undertones typically characteristic of indica plants. This autoflowering variety has a very balanced character between indica and sativa traits.

100% Autoflowering
Yield indoor: 350-550 g/m2
Yield outdoor: 40-120 g/plant
Indoor/outdoor harvest: 8 weeks from germination
Height: 60-120 cm

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