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Speed Devil autoflowering were developed by Sweet seeds especially for those who might not be so experienced with growing cannabis but would still like to achieve good results.

Speed Devil seeds are a cross of the best autoflowering varieties that can be cultivated at any time of the year as their flowering does not depend on any light cycle. These plants are very fast flowering and are ready to be harvested in 60 days after the seeds germinate. They produce large yields of very resinous and aromatic buds with a powerful narcotic effect.

They are very easy seeds to manage as they produce plants which have a strong resistance to mould and fungus. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing and have a very short and discreet structure while our highest samples didn't grow to more than 80cm which makes them perfect for anyone with restricted space while they are also found to adapt well to a city environment where the more polluted air does not seem to suppress her blooming or productiveness.

Wherever this plant is grown it will contain plenty of resin and aromatic buds and when grown will have a sweet musky aroma and slight hints of yeast of cheese.

Type: Automatic Flowering
THC: 15%, CBD: 1,2%, CBN: 0,5%
Yield: indoor 300-450 gr/m2, outdoor 15-50 gr/plant
Flowering period: 5 week
Harvest time outdoor: 60 days

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