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Double White


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This strain is the result of crossing two elite clones selected around the year 2000. These were White Widow and Great White Shark, two of the most appreciated and famous of the White family.

Positive attributes of this plant are its easy growth, strong effects, extraordinary taste and high production of flowers and crystals. In conclusion, a plant with which it is easy to get positive results.

It's a vigorous and strong plant, with short internodes and a very resistant structure, which allows easy control of its growth and reassurance that during the blooming of the buds they join together to form a long tail.

Its aroma is very pleasant and powerful, with slight tastes of sweet and sour, fresh and floral. The effect is also strong and typical of the Indica-sativa hybrids.

Indica/Sativa : 60%-40%
Interior yield: 450-600 gr /m2
Exterior yield: 350-600 gr /plant
Blooming indoor: 9 weeks
Harvest outdoor: middle of October
THC: 17-20% CBD: 1.1% CBN: 0.3%

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