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Auto Black Cream


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100% Autoflowering genetics. This is the result of the cross between our most awarded strain - the original Cream Caramel - and an exotic autoflowering strain of purple flowers, descending from pakistani Kush ancestors. This plant looks like an Indica, with a short internodal distance, numerous small branches in the main stem, compact buds and a big main cola. This strain is a great resin producer. Black Cream‰ۡó»s aroma is very sweet and fruity, featuring a background of some earthy tones inherited from our Cream Caramel. During flowering, around 80% of the plants acquire purple or reddish tones in the buds and some of them even develop purple leaves too. After harvested and dried the buds gain a very dark purple tone, almost black. Technical Specifications

100% Autoflowering
Indoor Yield: 350-550gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 35-150gr/plant
Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks after germination
Height: 60-110cm̴Ì_

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