• Sage N Sour x SCBDx
Sage N Sour x SCBDx

Sage N Sour x SCBDx


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Sage N Sour is a Sativa dominant hybrid bred by TH seeds known for it‰ۡó»s great scent and flavor, reminiscent of both citrus and diesel.

This strain causes users to feel a general sense of well being with elevated moods and increased creativity. Sage N Sour also fills many users with energy that can make some feel a need to move and be active. Add into the mix the Sativa dominance of SCBDx as well as the high CBD ratio and fantastic terpene profile you get a high yielding Sativa with great medicinal benefits.

Grow Area - Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse.̴Ì_

Flowering Time - 65-75 days

Ratio - 20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Medicinal Level - 100%

Taste - Citrus/Diesel/Pine

Smell - Citrus/Diesel/Pine

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