• Queen Mother x SCBDx
Queen Mother x SCBDx

Queen Mother x SCBDx


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Hailing out of southern Spain Queen mother is a pure sativa that is a legend across Europe, when we bred QM and SCBDx together we expected to have something special to pass on and that is exactly what happened. The SCBDx enhanced the production and yield of QM and added the high CBD ratio and the pine taste and smell that is almost addictive from SCBDx‰ۡó»s terpene profile, once tasted never forgotten.

Grow Area - Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse.̴Ì_

Flowering Time - 65-75 days

Ratio - 10% Indica / 90% Sativa

Medicinal Level - 100%

Taste - Citrus/Pine

Smell - Citrus/Pine

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