• Matanuska Thunderfuck xSCBDX
Matanuska Thunderfuck xSCBDX

Matanuska Thunderfuck xSCBDX


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This Alaskan hybrid‰۪s name celebrates its origins. Developed from strains grown in Matanuska Valley‰۪s grasslands, the flowers on these plants develop a frosting of icy white hairs that bring to mind its snowy homeland. Mantanuska is usually Indica dominant but by adding SCBDX into the mix you get a 50/50 split, the Sativa injection make this cross bigger in stature and a bigger cropper with the added bonus of super high CBD and an insane terpene profile.

GENETICS: Matanuska Thunderfuck x SuperCBDx

VARIETY: Indica / Sativa

FLOWERING TIME: 56 - 60 days


TASTE / FLAVOUR: Citrus, Pine

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