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One of the later harvested strains. Less indica so a little longer for blooming, almost 11 weeks indoor. Seen from a hazy point of view 11 weeks isn't that long compared to the weight she caries its even short. An average of 650gr/m2 puts her high enough on the productive scale.

Next of Kin by Super Strains is more suited to indoor and greenhouse cultivation unless you are lucky enough to live in a warm, southern climate. Plant heights can reach up to 2.5m when grown outdoors. You can expect a yield in excess of 650g/m2 for your time and efforts - making the whole endeavour well worth it.

Watch temperatures, above 26 Celsius bloom-time increases. Outdoor in southern countries she's probably the best choice available if patients can be kept until first week of nov, The taste is less musky, more fresh, old school. The effect is clear, the haze is definitely there and the ride takes quit some time what will be realised along the way.

Type: Sativa/Indica
Yield: 650g/m2+
Outdoor (Harvest): October
Indoor (Harvest): 11 weeks
Effect: Relaxed
Cannabinoid level: High

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