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Spliff Stilton Auto

Spliff Stilton Auto


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A Spliff Cheese mother and Spliff's evergreen Dutch Automatic as a father were combined to create this exciting new auto-flowering strain called Spliff Stilton Automatic. The buds are tight and heavy and Spliff̴Ì_Stilton̴Ì_Automatic will form one main cola along with some additional side-buds. The leaves, although it being indica dominant, show those typical widely set apart serrated fan leaves. She will grow from seed to yield in approximately 11-12 weeks. The aroma is unmistakably cheese: fruity and pungent with a hint of berries. You will love its fruit, skunky taste. It's simply delicious.

60% Indica. SK#1 x (Afghani x SK#1) x Dutch Automatic.
Earthy, pungent and fruity aroma, hint of berries.̴Ì_Fruity, Skunky taste. Short and bushy structure. Medium yield. Happy-up high and bodybuzz.
Flowering 11-12 wks.

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