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80% Sativa. Genotype: Early Thai x Skunk no.1. On the whole, the aroma is a sweet chocolaty with a tinge of roasted coffee. It has a tangy-citrusy taste with a fantastic chocolate aftertaste a truly high quality strain. Its flowering time is between 11 to 12 weeks. It gives a trippy and spiralling high with Potential THC levels between medium-high.

Royal Thai is a cro

SPL-ROY-Rss of an Early Thai mother and a Skunk no.1 father. She is a high and gangly plant. Typically a large resin yielder that takes longer to mature, but is so worth the wait. Our Royal Thai has 3 phenos. Pheno 1 has a classic light, elongated Sativa bud structure. She has a wood and pinecone flavor. Pheno 2 is more skunk dominant with immense, heavy buds and a much, sweeter taste. Pheno 3 takes longer to mature and has that typical chocolate flavor we all have come to love from the Thai strains. Royal Thai ought to be put under continuous light during her growing period to keep her height under control. Curing her for longer will hugely benefit Royal Thai‰ۡÌÝ_ÌÎ??s quality; the taste and high will be sensational. Keep a maximum of 9 plants per square metre. Prune twice to maximize yields.

Calyx-to leaf ratio is high. Buds will keep their weight and structure when dried. Candle shaped buds. Overall aroma is sweet chocolate with a hint of roasted coffee. The taste is tangy and citrusy with a wonderful chocolate aftertaste. The high is clear and powerful; an uplifting, cerebral high.


Suited for: Interior Exterior zone B/C (not by the sea)
Flowering: 10-12 weeks November
Plant height: 1.50m 3.00m
Yield: 350 gr/m2 450-600 gr/plant
Growing difficulty: easy

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