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This strain begins with the mother Sogouda strain. Sogouda is a mostly indica cross of Cheese, Blueberry, and G-13 Haze. It is a distinctly delicious incense of pine-sandalwood mixed with the slightly floral haze and sweet smooth edge of fruit. The father is the sativa phenotype of the Kushadelic strain. Kushadelic is an OG Kush / G-13 Haze cross, a slightly tangier and earthier kush version with haze highlights. Together, Sogouda and Kushadelic combine to make the largest plant in Soma's library. Somantra is an impressive plant with a tangy citrus mango flavor and a soaring meditative high.

Unless the climate is semi-tropical, Somantra is recommended as an indoor plant. When grown in the equatorial outdoors, this variety turns into a small tree by the end of the season. Even when grown indoors, Somantra is a massive plant and needs a grow space with a high ceiling. It is definitely best when allowed to form multiple branches, which are sturdy and mimic the symmetry of a candelabrum. The slender leaves reflect the strongly sativa heritage. The flowering time on Somantra is quite long, taking 3 months or more to ripen.

Finished Somantra buds are very hard and thickly carpeted with THC crystals. The hairs are prominent and stay white a long time before turning red at ripeness. The dominant flavour is reminiscent of a ripe meaty mango mixed with some good cheese. Like its namesake, Somantra awakens a sense of cosmic clarity. The effects let one soar into the wondrous mystery of existence, inspiring thoughtful time spent with friends and a great appreciation of melody and art. Fans of water hash should jump at the chance to transform their trim into some primo full melt.

Flowering: 90-100 days
Height: Medium/High
Grows: Indoor/Outdoor
Type: Sativa 60% - Indica 40%
Yield Per m: 2550-650 grams

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