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3rd place, 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, best indica.

Reclining Buddha is a 3-way cross breed which blends the genes of Holland's Hope with Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean. It moved around in the Netherlands in the 80s. Holland's Hope as her name suggests grows successfully outdoors in Hollandís most wet seasons. Sheís mould resistant and has a very close nodal structure. Reclining Buddha has retained these features which it combines with the pleasant scent and harvest of the other two parents. It was formerly known as Soma Skunk V. Its most recent enlightened name was the result of a philosophical session incited by her influence.

Because sheís quite a short plant, Reclining Buddha must stay in vegetative phase for quite some time in order to become a large plant. Typically, she wonít produce many side branches, and the few she does produce, tend to be smaller. This blend means this variety is quite pre-disposed to a sea of green set-up with very minimal effort on your part. She has tight and slim buds that form many dark auburn hairs early and typically permit moisture to escape more easily than the short and denser bud formations. You can try her outdoors even in humid locations, because sheís a covert plant that gives a top class yield.

Even when everything around her still have their snowy white hairs, Reclining Buddha's hairs would have changed to a colour that tempts you to harvest her, however, you need to be patient, because she requires at least 9 weeks to reach maturity and we promise that the high you get is very much worth the wait! This is a medical-grade cannabis with a sweet cherry candy taste, an elevating, creative high that leaves you lucid and mentally stimulated.

BREEDING: Super Skunk - Big Skunk Korean - Jack Herer - Holland's Hope
Indica: 80% Sativa: 20%
MINIMUM YIELD 15-20 grams
FLOWERING: 9 weeks

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