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Hash Heaven is a newish strain that makes excellent water hash as it develops into orange squash that melts into beautiful vapour. The smell is rather strong and the taste is biting whilst the high is long lasting.
Produced by crossing Hash Plant-13 with G-13 Haze you should ensure that there is plenty of growing room for this stately plant.
An exceptionally generous crop can be attained by bending the easily grown branches and thus creating further top bud areas. Best grown inside unless you can provide a semi tropical climate.
Hash Heaven requires 12-13 weeks to flower but is well worth the wait as this 80% Sativa / 20% Indica is fantastic.

BREEDING - Hash Plant 13 - G13 Haze - Lavender
Indica: 20% Sativa: 80%
MINIMUM YIELD 40 grams - FLOWERING 12-13 weeks

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