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El Jefe is an extremely large cross between the p91 and the SD Hog. When it comes to size she is by far the biggest yielding strain in our collection. Just as with most high yielding strains the flavour is pleasant, but in our opinion somewhat lacking. Our goal for this project was to create a stain that would keep the same commercial size yields that we expect to see from The Boss۝ and add a little sour flavour to the mix. With SourJefe we have done just that, we have managed to increase the enjoyment of the smoke by bringing more sour flavours and still maintained those epic yields we expect to see from our Jefe crosses! Try this one outside for some of the biggest yields you will see from a single plant!

Lineage: El Jefe X Sour Jack
Flowering Time: 63-70 days
Ratio: 70% Sativa 30% Indica
Yield: The yields on this cross are very large.
Flavour And Smell: Sweet and Sour, with spicy mango undertones.
Tips And Tricks: Added support is a must for these heavy flowers!

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