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These two plants were made for each other! Both have very similar flavours with the Sage n Sour OG yielding less, but the taste is more OG and it packs more of an indica punch. The SourJack on the other hand grows fast, yields big, has a very soaring high, but it does not have that OG flavour that we crave. It made sense that crossing the two together would create an OG hybrid that would not disappoint. SinfullySour is a very flavourful balanced smoke, it has a strong indica buzz mixed with a soaring sativa high that will leave you feeling confused!

Lineage: Sage N Sour OG X Sour Jack
Flowering Time: 63-70 days
Ratio: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
Yield: The yields are above average, some support may be needed during flowering.
Flavour And Smell: Extremely sour flavour and smells, very uniform in taste and smell.
Tips And Tricks: We like the shorter phenos and recommend removing larger fan leaves that shade flower sites during flowering.

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