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Serious 6 was created by mixing genetics from Canada with Sativa-landraces from Africa through a long process of selection and cross-breeding. We wanted to create a strain, which is very mould-resistant and will finish EARLY outdoors in a humid and cold climate at the end of September. Outdoors she grows tall and slender with full buds with very few small leaves and a particularly thick layer of̴Ì_crystals. Half of the plants will show beautiful pink pistils. At the end of flowering these pink̴Ì_colours̴Ì_are substituted by purple colors of the calyxes and leaves.

The Serious 6 is an almost pure Sativa with a very short flowering time, which also gives amazing results indoors. She will fill up and produce dense long buds glistening with trichomes. The aroma of Serious 6 cannot be compared to other cannabis varieties, it is built up in layers; citric, anise, spicy are only a few of the̴Ì_recognisable̴Ì_aromas. Her effect is a̴Ì_crystal̴Ì_clear head-high, which will get you active and creative. At the Spannabis 2013 an indoor bud was tested at the CANNA-lab with 17% THC, that was the highest measured THC-content of ALL strains tested that day!

Fast flowering Sativa with pink pistils!̴Ì_

Type: F1-hybrid, almost pure Sativa‰ۡÌÝÌÏ
Recommended veg. time seedlings: 3-(4) weeks‰ۡÌÝÌÏ
Indoor flowering time: 55 - 60 days
Indoor yield: 400-550 gr/m2
Outdoor/Greenhouse harvest time: End of September

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