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Kali Mist won first prize in the 1995 Cannabis Cup (Hydro Cup) and again with this current variety in the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup. Kali Mist is the best strain for the determined specialist.
SheÌÎÌ__s undeniably the most special and best top Sativa available. Her well rounded flavour gives understated, brain enhancing effects.
Since she has 90% Sativa genetics, you may discover that Kali Mist suddenly becomes a typical high reaching Sativa plant, with fewer leaves than you would expect. This is in addition to an amazingly abundant harvest of the very important, dense constellation of feather-like buds.
Her Sativa-like structure means she also has the added advantage that the light will shine on those very important lower branches allowing the bottom buds to mature easily. Earlier in the year, she can be grown outdoors. She demonstrated she has a decent resistance to mould when she was grown in Spain under appalling weather conditions.
You need to be aware that when outdoors, she grows really tall, but in compensation, the combination of her exquisite flowers, abundant resin and spicy scent will win you over. Her medicinal properties also extend to the easing of menstrual pains!
Like proud parents, we are tickled pink by the quality of our new improved 2000 version of Kali Mist and we urge you to try her.
Much like our Lowlife high yield seeds, it gives a very strong, clear and energising high.

Type: sativa
Indoor clone grow time: 1 - 5 days
Indoor flowering time: 70 -90 days
Indoor yield: 300- 500 grams/m2
Outside/ Greenhouse harvest time; November

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