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Mrs. Rita Marley was the guest of honour at the 1997 Cannabis Cup. Her presence lifted the normally high spirits of the festival to a new level and inspired Sensi to start work on something truly special a strain of ganja to celebrate the great Bob Marley.

Leading the spread of reggae across the globe is an enormous achievement and Bob Marley accomplished even more than this, speaking to generations of people about freedom, justice, unity and, of course, cannabis. Whether heÌ_åÈs known as a poet, preacher or prophet, few other artists have had so much positive influence on world culture.

Creating a strain worthy of the Marley name was a challenge Sensi took very seriously. For two years, the skills of our breeding staff and research lab focused on a group of superb Jamaican plants selected years before for their delicious tropical qualities.

After dozens of experimental crossings, the best Jamaican lady was pollinated with a pure Afghani cultivar from the syrup-sweet Maple Leaf Indica family, producing extraordinary results.

From the first tests of the f1 seeds, it was obvious this was a very special hybrid. The fusion of tropical Caribbean ganja and hash-drenched Afghanica genes from the heart of the Hindu Kush gave rise to exotic, exciting plants with massive, running bud structures and bubbling resin production. The spectacular sight of the test plants in full bloom was absolute proof that this was the new strain Sensi was looking for.

The rich and unique green oilÌ_åÈ smell of MarleyÌ_åÈs Collie encompasses the sweet, sharp and spicy notes of her varied ancestry. Bud growth is steady and strong at the outset, and rampant in later stages, when swollen, sticky calyxes suddenly grow in every direction from MarleyÌ_åÈs flowers, giving them a spiky meteoroidÌ_åÈ appearance.

Collie buds have strong Indica and Sativa features, providing a delicious burst of flavour and splendid, golden high that warms the body like a beam of sunshine from the tips of the toes to the frontal lobes.

Note: CollieÌ_åÈ is an old-time Jamaican term for excellent ganja, and the word is said to derive from the name of the goddess Kali the dark, destructive aspect of Durga who can be seen as ShivaÌ_åÈs female antecedent or counterpart. Indian culture originally brought Kali to the Caribbean, along with cannabis itself, and even the word ganjaÌ_åÈ. ItÌ_åÈs no coincidence that the holy herb is also a sacrament to Ma Kali.

Flowering: 60-65 days
Height: 130-160 cm
Yield: up to 120 gr

Flowering: end of October
Height: 150-300 cm
Yield: up to 750 gr

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