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Giggly is one word to describe Jungle Wreck which is a cross between an anonymous Colombian strain with mainly Indica characteristics which could possibly be Santa Marta Gold and another Indica strain that has a citrus flavour. The reason for this lack of concrete heredity is confusion that arose with a breeder and his genetics but as the outcome looked good we decided to keep it and were well rewarded at the harvest. Let that be a lesson in the importance of having labelling but we are not worried as Jungle Wreck is now a firm favourite and although it hasn‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈt been formally tested we are pretty sure that Jungle Wreck has a high CBD content as it gives a very calming stone and felt pretty ‰ۡóÁÌÎ?ÌÎÌÁgiggly‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈ in spite of the fact that THC content can reach around 18.5%.
Jungle Wreck does well when grown inside and really loves SOG but is equally at home outside in warm areas.
A gorgeous Indica dominant strain tasting of lemons.

Genetics: Colombian Indica hybrid
Variety: Mostly Indica (70%)
Type: f1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: October
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
THC Content: 18.5%
Characteristics: Large citrus tasting buds.

Great prices on Female high yield seeds too.

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