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Colombian Rojo Haze is an excellent sativa hybrid cross between a Neville's Haze mother and a Colombian Red father. Neville's Haze (the mother) is a strong pine flavoured long leafed 75% sativa strain - a hybrid cross of Original Haze with a quarter Northern Lights. The resulting strain being a heavier budder than true Haze strains but with strong Haze cerebral effect. It is named after its renowned creator Neville - one of the pioneers of commercial cannabis seed breeding programs. For many years Colombia was not only famous for its export of cocaine to the US and the rest of the world, but also for its growing marijuana trade and export. Traffickers were looking for new areas to pick up high quality marijuana after the authorities were catching on quickly in Mexico, using paraquat and other underhand measures to stop growers and traffickers at any cost. Colombia was fortunate to have some of the most popular and most potent landrace strains e.g. Colombian Gold, Columbian Red (or Punta Roja). It is thought that Columbian Gold originated in the highlands of Colombia whilst Colombian Red originated in lower areas. Colombian Red has a brownish-red flair on the edges of the leaves with red highlights bringing attention to its buds.

Colombian Rojo Haze is a hybrid cross of Neville's Haze with Columbian Red - it is 80% sativa and flowers in 12-14 weeks. A lengthy time but like most Haze strains the finished bud is of the highest quality. It is a strong plant that can be easily bent indoor.

Genetics: Neville's Haze x Colombian Red (Punta Roja)
AKA: Columbian Red Haze
Variety: Mostly sativa (80%)
Type: Hybrid
Harvest Date: November
Flowering Period: 12-14 weeks
THC Content: 20%
Characteristics: Minty Fresh Sativa Flavour.

This strain has been discontinued.

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