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Results of crosses and selections Sativa dominant lines of our Kabala with phenomenal Sativa Northern Europe, Epigenetics evolving theory's like a normal range but ready in just over two months. Nordika stable, odour love, very productive. phenotype expression: It occurs mostly Sativa phenotypes with a height from 1.30 m in Interior, Exterior to 1.70 m. It will start to bloom around the 21st day and being ready in about 70 days from germination, with 18/20hs of daylight. Outdoors take a few days more, due to lower light exposure. Possibility of multiple harvests per season given his very rapid and vigorous growth. Strong structure, large buds and abundant harvest in a short time to be a mostly sativa varieties. Nordika has been filed with the ExpocannabisSur '12.

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