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With branches that look like well lit chandeliers dripping with resin and giving off a deep and powerful aroma Kabala is an autoflowering cannabis seed that is 100% feminized. She was created by crossing Big Low with AK 47 and the result is a mainly Sativa stylish plant that is very fruitful. Like all other F1’s Kabala has three main phenotypes: one with Sativa/Indica influence that grows over 1m in height; second an Indica/Sativa that is over 1m in height; and a third that is mainly Ruderalis/Sativa and grows up to 75 cm.
All of these will begin flowering from between sixteen and twenty one days after germination. If they are grown inside and have light for longer than twelve hours a day they can finish in sixty five days total. If they are grown outdoors you will need to allow more time.
Cannabis Genetics Big Low x AK47
Flowering time AutoFlowering

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