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King Kush


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The genetics used to make Seedism‰ۡó»s King Kush are classic strains that have been kept alive for more then 30 years by the dedicated members of our collective, especially our newest member ‰ۡÌÝ?the Librarian‰ۡó? who has kept many of the (genetically important) oldest Cannabis genetics alive for a multitude of seed companies.

These are the oldest species of this specific genotype (Hindu Kush) still alive in their unadulterated state, because of being this close to its origin you could use our King Kush for breeding purposes if you want to introduce pure Kush to your own strains, or even strengthen/reinvigorate the Kush already in your seeds by back-crossing your selected champion plants with the King Kush.

Genetics: Hindu Kush x Pot of Gold

Flowering time: 10 weeks

Fertilising Tips: High fertilising regime

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