• Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds
Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds

Jock Horror

Sativa Seedbank

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An all time favourite Jock Horror is a faster flowering plant than the original Jock.
A three way marijuana hybrid out of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze, Jock Horror has so much resin that even the stems shine with THC glands.
The only one of its kind Jock Horror has a clean fresh taste and a heavy high (oxymoron)

Indica / Sativa: Predominantly Sativa
Plant type: Indoor
Plant height: Tall
Effect: High (cerebral, heady effect)
Flavour: fruity / herbal
Average yield: 350-450 (g/m2 in SOG)
Flowering period: 9-11 weeks
White strain: Yes
Medical: Yes
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