• Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic
Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic

Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic


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If Mazars are naturally fast growers, the autoflowering properties of this White Dwarf x Mazar cross are enhanced by its subsequent re-crossing, and it conserves intact the organoleptic qualities of the best of our Mazar mothers. The fast growth strain par excellence, Thunder Bloody Mary is proof of natureÌ_åÈs capacity to surprise us. It will grow for approximately 12 days after which it will enter a fast flowering cycle producing excellent yields just 62 days after germination while retaining its typical Afghan taste and smell. Grown indoors with a 20/4 photoperiod and in a big enough plant pot for proper root zone development, yields per plant can top 45g, rising to 75g if grown outdoors.

Seed Bank: Samsara Seeds
Genotype: 10% sativa 90% indica
THC: 21%
Indoor Harvest Time: Not specified
Flavour: Noble wood
Way of cropping: Ind/Out
Production: 40-70 gr indoor/outdoor
Smell: Medium
Effect: Not specified
Resistance to mould: Medium
Outdoor Harvest Time: Automatic (9 weeks)
Resistance to plagues: High
Sex: Feminised
Lineage: White Dwarf x Mazar
Irrigation tolerance: Medium
Medicinal value: Very high

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