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NY Diesel is a classic that came from America and has grown respectfully for its many desired properties. The Smell and Taste of the bud is like no other and the growth is that of a connoisseur‰ۡó»s desire. This plant is not for the everyday grower but more of a challenge for the person who wants the finer things in life. This will certainly provide the finer buds in life and once cured will simple get better and better with time. Store in jars and the only wish you will have is that there was more.

Strain: NY Diesel
Seed bank: Sagarmatha Seeds
Genetics: The original big apple star
Indica/Sativa mix: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 9-12 weeks
Harvest Date: October
Height: Short, Medium, Tall
Yield: 300-350 grams per m2
Yield per day: 4.49 grams per day in flowering
THC Content: Medium, High
Characteristics: A Connoisseurs Ney York Special with a unique taste and smell

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