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A diamond that met in 2002 in one of our trips to Holland. This variety is more than a decade to be number one in all the letters of the coffee shops for aroma, Haze unmistakable citrus flavor and its effect ripper۝ even for experienced users. Known under different names, the most popular of these is Amnesia Haze.

RIPPER HAZE is the end result of our search for the perfect Haze: very powerful and lasting effect, rapid flowering cycle and intense aroma and flavor. Its large number of trichomes and its unique flavour make it your most precious jewel. So far one of the highest values of THC.

Vegetative: Of 1 a 2 weeks
Genotype: 80% Sativa
Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
Flowering outdoor: mid October
Production: medium-high
Effect: power, ripper.

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