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Roots in a plant with a strong and compact structure but it's stretching a little during the bloom phase because its a Reina Madre sativa's heritage.

It's one plant with all the necessary to enjoy like never of a powerful sativa effect.

The fusion beetween this two genetics: Reina Madre with Kalijah has been done an incredible result, not comparable with its intercessors, no because any taste missing, the aroma is variable beetween, acid, sweet Haze, green banana and earthy taste notes.

When you are smoking, the aromas are persisting into your mouth during a long time.

Cross: Reina Madre x Kalijah
Indoor blooming: 55/65 days
Outdoor blooming: Start of October
Yield indoor: 400 / 600 Gr/m_
Yield outdoor: 700 Gr / Plant

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