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Once again, Reggae Seeds have crossed two known genetics to produce a strain which has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. Dancehall #24 is included in the cross and after analysis resulted in it having a 1:1 ratio. Kalijah which is the CBD carrier for all of Reggae Seeds regular strains is the second strain.

Since they were waiting to produce a more steady cross, their result was a small, robust plant that doesn't really need a large amount of nutrients and as a result, itÌÎ_s quite easy to grow, produces high percentages of CBD and large, but attractive, long, fox-tailed buds which take on a columnar structure. It has the scent of acidic strawberries and exotic fruits that never cease to surprise. The effect it gives is fresh and energetic making it perfect for medicinal use because it doesnÌÎ_t give a narcotic effect, either way, always consult a health professional. It flowers rapidly indoors, taking around 45/55 days, and harvesting at the start of October outdoors.

Genetics: Dancehall #24 x Kalijah
Type: Poly-hybrid
Indoor Flowering: 45/55 days
Outdoor Flowering: Start of October
Yield: Medium

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