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At long last, itÌÎ_s here, a new blood from Reggae Seeds. This comes after years of testing a Cannalope Haze male. Reggae Seeds harvested the fruits of their labour, and the first jewel to arrive to the smokers knowledge is called Respect.

Respect is a cross between Juanita Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze. It has resulted in two main marked phenotypes, one which stretches greatly with long branching and the otherÌÎ_s more compact with shorter internodes. Both of the phenotypes have a 55-65 day flowering period and similar nutrient and feeding requirements. They also lend themselves very easily to cultivation. During outdoor cultivation it can be an impressive strain with white and crystallised flowers that are a real show piece. ItÌÎ_s suited for all kind of growers and its scent is reminiscent of a whole combination of smells; fruits, agrumas, haze smell, sweet sugar, woods and metals. Every specimen is a unique jewel and a perfect strain to process any mother-plant selection. It produces a potent and enjoyable, feel good sensation, which has a lasting effect. Respect has Juanita Lagrimosa's genes and around 50% of the specimens have a 1.1 CBD/THC ratio heritage.

This translates to mean that everyone who wants to, will have access to a plant with potent medicinal properties.

Grow your own medicine!!!

Cruce: Juanita Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze
Sativa-indica : 50%-50%
Flowering int : 55-65
Flowering out : end of september
Yeld int : 300-400g/m̴Ìâ?
Yeld out : 700-1000g / plant

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