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The Auto Lennon strain is a short plant growing usually only to as much as 1 metre but this makes it a great choice for those with limited growing resources. What's more, if you're looking to grow outdoors, you can enjoy as many as five harvests a year on a continuous cycle.

The Auto Lennon plant is marginally Indica dominant and has a moderate THC level. It is autoflowering, though, and this makes it a good choice for novice growers. You don't have to be as precise over the light cycle as you would with other non-automatic strains and the plant will be more forgiving of your novice ways.

Genetics: Ruderalis 30% / Sativa 30% / Indica 40%
Production: 30-100 gr.
Flowering int.: 75 - 85 days
Height: 60 to 110 cm
Flowering ext.: April / October
THC: 10 to 13%

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