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Auto Anubis

Auto Anubis


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The Auto Anubis strain is a cross between Somango and Wembley strains. This has produced a medium size plant with compact appearance and a wide plant stature. The big buds that are produced offer a great THC covering whiel the smoke has a fruity smell of grapefruit and mango.

The high produced by the Auto Anubis isn't over the top but it is relaxing and very enjoyable. Flowering takes approximately eight weeks from start to finish and plant sizes will usually be around 1 metre when grown indoors so if you need something more compact then you will need to top the plants or look elsewhere for your chosen strain.

Type: Auto flowering 100%
Yield: 500 550gr.
Indoor: 8 weeks
Height: 60-130 cm
Outdoor: 67 days
THC: 15%

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