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Two myths of cannabis crossed together to produce a variety that is far better than its parents. The power of one of the most famous hybrids in the world, Jack Herer, is combined to the strength and aromas of the recently discovered New York City Diesel. The resulting synergy of the final hybrid from parents of the highest 'pedigree' makes it indispensable in the menu of all growers, from beginners to 'connoisseurs'.

Strong, vigorous plants with strong vegetative growth typical of indicas, short internodal distances and a fat central bud that transforms into a sativa during flowering, extending its lateral branches and adding, at the end, a sea of 'satellites: hard crystallised buds surrounding a magisterial central bud. A very voracious plant that it is best not to extend its vegetative growth if grown indoors. Strong smell during flowering so anti-odour filters or ionizers are required.

AROMA: By combining two of the most aromatic plants, a complex aroma that contains notes of fine woods, such as sandalwood, cedar or eucalyptus, with floral and fruity notes especially mandarin, which is typical of diesel varieties. A penetrating aroma that is difficult to forget.

TASTE: It tastes stronger and better than it smells. The taste of JACK HERER and DIESEL gene fine woods and the popular mandarin flavour.

EFFECT: Powerful psychoactive sensation that is popular with sativa lovers. Produces psychoactivity that seems sedative at the start. This could not be more misleading, however, because it quickly turns into energising.

It is very important to measure pH levels on a daily basis: pH levels above 7 in the nutrient solution will cause the onset of intervenal ferric chlorosis, which is the yellowing between the veins of the leaves, but if we correct the pH, the plant will quickly recover. Chelate supplements (iron, zinc, magnesium) can be administered. Its stems easily support the weight of its large branches. Requires a large pot to accommodate root system.
We recommend reducing lamp distance to an absolute minimum during the last few weeks of flowering. If everything goes well, you will notice the appearance of dozens of little horns on the buds. The final result is an extreme hardness.

Jack Herer x New York Diesel
Fungus Resistance: Low
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.1%

Outdoor: 10-20th October
Indoor: 65-70days

Outdoor: 600gr per plant
Indoor: 500gr/m2

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