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Critical 47 CBD


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It keeps the capacity of production of our winner. It grows like a sativa, but has typical features of indica as well. We recommend the use of support for the branches due to the heavy buds. It‰ۡó»s a perfect pain reliever. Sweet and aromatic.



It‰ۡó»s a perfect combination of these two strains (never combined before), thanks to the hard work of CBD Crew.

Physiological description

It keeps the same structure as a sativa, with thin stems. But it will show a quick evolution with dense and heavy buds while flowering (we recommend prune the spare branches).


Organoleptic properties̴Ì_

Aroma: Skunky with unpredictable overtones.̴Ì_

Flavour: Citric, caramel.

Effect: High content in CBD (psychoactive but not psychotropic).


Cultivation tips

Indoor: Nutrient supplements are maybe required for an optimal production.̴Ì_

Outdoor: Medium and big sizes specimens will need the help of support for their stems and branches.

(Moderate sensitivity to mold).



Outdoor: End of September.

Indoor: 50-55 days.


Outdoor: 400-600 grs.

Indoor: 500 grs m2.

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